Gravity always proved a major problem in my mind. I am 100% sure that the phenomena do not exist. Throw any object into the air like it or drop anything off of a mountain or a building, and it will drop down. What goes up, must come down indeed! I'm 100% sure not to hit by gravity alone, or; at least I hope that is true. So, it is the belief of Gravity will serve as a platform for my hypothesis. We know that there is this "we" is what the sticking point for the scientific community. I am aware of the existence of a graviton popular hypothesis. We can not say that the graviton does not exist, even though I personally do not believe in the existence of myself. I say this because I have a hard time becoming a particle interacting with the material in a way that attracts between objects. The idea that this somehow emanates from a particulate material body, interacts with a given body of material; and somehow manages to induce the effect of gravity just does not sit well with me. This does not mean that there is insufficient due to gravity. The "smoking gun" so to speak. I believe that the smoking gun is a force that we already know, and that gravity is only noticeable effect of this force is known. I speak of strength, magnetism.

Gravity (magnetic effect)

I would like very much to believe in Einstein's concept of Gravity. The spherical structure of space-time damage was brilliant concept and it does not seem to make sense at the time. A brilliant than the man, "I stand on your shoulders, that" does not mean it was not a wrong that must be repaired. One major misconception was that the "Time" is somehow a thing, not a tool. Along with this is the belief that "Space" that somehow woven together to form time "Space Time". A nice display that shows how clever the human mind also. Conceived by George Lucas of Star Wars, but I'm not holding my breath when encountering Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. Space does not exist, but only in that space. The map; "In an area that is occupied or not the case." The vacuum is simply no space. I have to say very little, because there is no such thing as a perfect vacuum. The vacuum existed anywhere there is a lack counts. The time is no different than our concept of movement. This is a tool we use to make our minds to understand the movement of the universe. Event takes place, and sometimes you want to be able to measure or predict certain events. Mathematics and system time is very useful tools to help us better understand our existence. Unfortunately, the space and time are not physical things that can be woven together in a space / time fabric. A more accurate depiction of the relationship between space and the "concept of time" in a ball in a room. Imagine this room is nothing else but the ball. The room space and represents the time axis of the ball. The room for the ball to move, so that the movement can be measured … in the space of time.

Another interesting concept, but it is not as accurate as some believe; in that the planet warping that space / time of the tissue, which is responsible for the gravity. An object approaching a planet, and the road is in a falling inward after warping caused by the curvature of space / time. This is conceptually seems to be true of 3D objects sitting on a 2D plane, but if we examine this concept a little closer than we see certain problems. If that was the goal of continuous decline since the warping of the S / T fabric, you can imagine, following the curvature of the bowl with a flat 2D. The object eventually come to rest around the pole of the planet. The object itself is never the planet, would prefer the dish, which comes to rest. The end result would be a planet, a lot of space debris sitting above the South Pole. Note: I chose the South Pole for the sake of discussion. We can orient it any way you like, that the outcome is important here. Let's extrapolate this into account, the concept of 3D objects in 3D space sitting. The tissue S / T occupying the X, Y and Z are known. We still would get the same results. Only this time the planets were orbiting objects indefinitely, or remaining stationary as it comes to rest on the relative position of the planet. This effect over time, create a shell of debris around the planet. Obviously, this has not solved the problem of gravity. We know from experience that the subject of the planets and in orbit it. We also know that gravity is related to the weight of a celestial body. If Einstein's concept of gravity is true, as I assure you, the planets will never know the horror of a comet or asteroid strike. These objects simply do not have the concept of the S / T on the basis of tissue on the surface of the planet. Surely something else must be to blame.

So, what is the cause of an object falling to the ground? What causes this action remotely? Let's see what we can, and then take it from there. We know that these gravitational

1) objects fall on the ground at the same speed, regardless of the weight (We assume this is true for all other celestial body)

2) of objects, regardless of size, exhibit gravity

3) objects fall and orbital

4) there is a defined relationship between the material and the force of gravity (greater mass = stronger gravity)

5) Anti-gravity It is not known to exist in nature, does not exclude artificially. Knowing

above will help us to move forward and consider the possible culprits of the phenomenon of gravity. Before we do that, I would like to point out that I left the possibility of anti-gravity; because technically it already exists. In order to make a permanent anti-gravity field requires ingenuity unknown. Temporarily achieve anti gravity happens every day. Every time a plane takes off, the shuttle lifted off, the child jumps on a trampoline or an NBA star dunks a basket ball; All these measures offer us glimpses of anti gravity. The key to these events of energy. Any amount of energy that goes into an object, gravity dam all the way to leave us satisfied where we are, but once you cross the dam reached gravity anti-gravity. The key is using enough energy to overcome the force of gravity on an object. The flat, it achieves the anti-gravity through the lift. The glider uses air currents as it cuts through the ocean gases. The prop aircraft propellers relies to pull over an ocean of gases until we reach a point where the lift, which can be achieved in the wings. At the moment when the prop plane lifted off the ground by gravity dam is broken. Enough energy is now provided to allow the machine to the gravity and enter the anti-gravity condition. Yes, gravity is still acting on the machine, but the fact that it is the anti-gravity. This is an equal and opposite force that is proportional to the energy applied to the object in defiance of gravity. The same applies to the jet. The jet ski lift provides a powerful jet engines. Energy applied to the system until the jet rises. The same can be said about the children jumping on a trampoline, a bow, an arrow will fly up in a ball, you name it. If you go up, you have to come down, but as long as it is going up in defiance of gravity. So, in a sense, the anti-gravity is more common than we think. What it really after when we talk about anti-gravity is a way to maintain the anti-gravity indefinitely. We may be able to engineer innovations once, but I am quite certain that we will never find anti-gravity existing in nature. The very nature of gravity will not allow it. (See "Anti-Gravity" at the end of this document for further information about AG)

If a bowling ball and a baseball are dropped at the same time at the same rate. It says that the mass of these two objects unchanged feeling of gravity. Why is this? It would be nice if we could drop toward Jupiter and Earth is a bowling ball to see what would happen. The bottom line is that when dealing with an object falls on the planet is to look at the size of each object relative to another. The size of a bowling ball relative to the baseball really is not much different. Especially when you consider the planet are facing in relation to the size of it. The crowd in the wee baseball and bowling ball than on the ground. The same can be said of any object fell on each planet. It says that the relationship with the small amount of material vs a greater amount of material always leads to a higher body, which has the final say. Of course, the more questions you have, the greater your final decision. The land is not much to say on the day, as the sun is terrorized by a super-massive black holes enormous gravity. The sun may be greater, but the crowd is the most important.

faraway really have something to puzzle over. The idea that the interaction between two objects is not at all still another effect; a euphoric thought, almost like magic. Although I saw David Copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear, I knew it was none other than to figure out how he did it. That's all I have to do it by gravity, to figure out what he was doing. I came up with a concept for a reverse wave. Perhaps a field emanates outward form of any object in any direction of the reverse wave. This is a standing wave that moves toward the center mass of material. It's a fun concept, but some significant problems. The biggest so far is that if it were true, as we will certainly witness objects falling to the ground in a new light. This assumes that an object rather than a wave to ride a wave passes through the object. In this view, the object is pulled toward the planet in the surf pulls the object toward the planet. Think the ball hard to the standing wave, the wave hit, and the ball moves in waves. This gravitational waves would be responsible for building the final resting place. It's an interesting concept, but it's just a concept. I do not think that in this situation, but when I first came to mind, I enjoyed the thought. Of course, the more you thought about it, the more I knew it was not true. I was not in my head the whole concept of a reverse wave. Even if the standing wave increases as the weight of a celestial body increases, still do not understand how a reverse wave is not just collapse into itself and disappear all together. There are just too many questions that this hypothesis that I will not be taken away from pointing out its flaws. This is not intended to show that a concept can be without actually true.

The smoking gun we need must meet the following conditions. You should be able to explain how gravity is related to mass. It is why objects of different weights fall toward the planet at the same pace, this rate varies in different planetary masses. The baseball and bowling ball fall at the same speed on the ground and at the same pace of Jupiter, but to the same extent differs from the Planet of the experiment is taking place. I thought it was a great length, and the only force that I know I can take what you know about gravity, magnetism. My hypothesis is that Gravity is actually a manifestation of magnetic force. To ensure that this is true, I believe that one of the force must be slightly larger than the other. Since objects fall to the ground, rather than the opposite, it is assumed that the attractive force is greater than the repulsive force.


Objects of molecules which in turn are resistant particles. These particles are protons, neutrons and electrons. The neutrons are neutral, and they are not activated by gravity. What causes gravity, protons and electrons. Protons positive charge and negative charge of the electrons. Opposites attract and like charges repel each other. If the effect of gravity comes into play is what they refer to as "total" award. Final prize simply refers in each proton and for each electron which contains the planet earth, and adding, either separately. Then, the protons and electrons is the same contain a person or a car, building, etc. Obviously, the protons and electrons contained in the ground far outnumber any of the same contained any objects on the earth. What is gravity, the effect of protons and my body is feeling the effects of all the electrons contained in the earth, and of all the electrons in my body is feeling the effects of all the protons contained in the earth. Since the attractive force is slightly stronger than the repulsive force, as gravity. All objects remain on the ground of the earth and everything will fall to the ground at the same rate regardless of the size of an object. The main rule to keep in mind is this assumption that objects similar in size and mass experience less gravity towards each other. This simply means that the objects of similar mass of protons and electrons cancel each other al though not completely. Since the attractive force is slightly stronger than the repulsive force, as always will be a slight attraction of two similar masses. Articles, masses of very different kinds, such as baseball and land; The baseball will feel intense attraction force. On the ground attracts the baseball like a giant magnet, and hold tightly to the surface.

One last thing to consider is what kind of orbital come together without each other. Examples would be the planet in the solar system, or all of the solar system and the stars of our galaxy. It is easy to imagine how the solar system from the earliest beginnings. Areas of greater mass would begin to form as the disc material coelessed in our solar system. The highest concentrations were mass where the sun is adapted to the thinner and less densely populated areas of the external hard drive. In particular, the plate, the material came together to form a larger mass regions. Over time, these regions heavier Duke out over the material remained while the planet formed. A simple way to visualize this process would be to any planet in the solar system, and smear them in a ring around the sun. This region would have been the greatest gravity in the region. The empty spaces between the rings was when the material was loose once, but each ring joined to form the planets. This was not sure how it happened in the literal sense, but it helps to imagine that gravity is working to create a solar system in which we live today. All the planets revolve around the sun in a tug of war with each other. All these objects are similar to each other compared to the gravitational effects of a baseball and land. This means that although influenced planets feel themselves retain their orbits around the sun. The sun contains compared to the maximum mass of the planets, but planets are far enough away that they will not pull the V


Gravity simply has to be one of the forces that are already familiar. I can not imagine a particle of gravity, which somehow able to cause gravity. Faraway imagine a tricky thing, and the only force able to know this magnetism. We know how the magnetism, so there is no mystery. Why spend all of our time trying to attribute a graviton gravity when the answer may be much simpler? Laws dictate the atomic level to interact with the molecules enter into fee-based. I believe that the planets, galaxies, black holes, you name it; I was also dictated by the same forces. The only difference is that things are a planetary scale is a bit more complicated. The reason being is that it is not trying to figure out the interaction between the handful of protons and electrons. Now we are trying to figure out the interaction compared to the total protons and electrons of the planet to another object of protons and electrons. How these interactions work to be invented planetary scale. Maybe it's been. There are mathematical equations of gravity, so now it just might be a matter of filling in the blanks. Gravity is nothing more than a manifestation of magnetism planetary scale. Not to be confused with the planetary magnetic field. This is caused by the molten outer core rotating around a solid nickel-iron core. It is a common held belief, and one that I subscribe to. The land consists of protons and electrons that are responsible for the gravity. The same applies to all other objects that are in the known universe.

On Anti Gravity (AG)

This is more of a realization that I did while writing my hypothesis of Gravity. Anti Gravity is much more common than currently assumed. Durable anti-gravity field is what science is really after, and this could be achieved. Easy to use nuclear reactors or other energy source that can supply the AG machine with a few thousand years worth of energy. That's about as close to a constant AG field will never be able to generate. Most importantly, the AG energy! If you can not find a naturally occurring AG on another planet, (we will not), I doubt that a permanent field outside an artificially created one. AG far from our daily lives, it occurred to me that every time he picks up a cup or any other object into the sky, that the anti-gravity. My arm is fed with energy, this energy is in the claws of the food I ate, allowing me to transfer that energy to the muscles and lift the object. I refer to this mechanical AG. The energy is not applied directly to the object lifted my arm to get more energy to allow us to mechanically remove the object into the sky. There is a transfer of energy between my hand and the object, but it is not connected to the AG event itself. Applied Energy AG includes airplanes, helicopters, rockets and the space shuttle. Fuel supply to achieve energy lift (in the case of airplanes and helicopters), or energy, to achieve the case of thrust rockets and the space shuttle.

Gravity is a force that keeps us firmly on the ground. Energy AG introduced into a system until the gravity threshold is violated, and the subject is worth AG or (Flight). The gravity line is simply the point where enough energy is available to an object to overcome the force of gravity. Airplanes and helicopters have help in the form of an elevator and it is a form of two methods AG. First method, energy is applied and the two process, a lift can be achieved. The process is accelerating -> Lift -> Anti Gravity. There are those who draw attention to the fact that the helicopter does not need acceleration, this is not true. The accelerometer comes to the law applying power to the helicopter blades. Once the blades are up to speed (acceleration), and a lift. Presto, Anti Gravity.

Only a naturally occurring form of mechanical AG. Just look at the sky or a tree the next time out. If you spot a bird, there you have it. Birds take up energy in the form of the food, and then that energy to reach through the lift under flapping wings. Other organizations, of course, fly like bats, and insects. I almost forgot to mention them. Another important point to keep in mind that the atmosphere will help you achieve a lift in energy use scenarios. You might not see the air, but we know it's there. The atmosphere can be thought of as another ocean. Water is instead filling it with gas. Fixed and movable wings will allow us to fly taking advantage of this sea air around us. Without an atmosphere, the birds do not go anywhere. The atmosphere plays a key role when it comes to airplanes, helicopters and birds to achieve flight. This is not the rocket motor. Energy is used to induce motion in a precise direction. It is no elevator. This is why the space shuttle and rockets capable of reaching the movements of the space. Stick a prop plane in space, or in a helicopter and get the propeller moving at any speed you like. You can not go anywhere. This is because there is no space for the propeller to get through. Another good example of mechanical energy to help you achieve a floating anti gravity. Take a boat in the middle of the Atlantic and jump over board. If you swim or tread water, you can use mechanical energy to reach the bodies AG. Stop swimming and you can swim, thanks to the air in the lungs, but you can not stay afloat forever. In essence, you fly when you swim. You have hundreds or thousands of feet above the ground. Instead of being suspended in a sea of ​​gas will be suspended in the sea water. If the lungs fill with water, and then gravity takes over and you fall to the ground, or in this case, the ocean floor.

Before I end this should be dealt with balloons and a balloon. The same principle applies here. The warm air rises and that the whole a hot air balloon pins. the use of air power in the form of fire and hot air trapped in the balloon. Since warm air is lighter than cold air, the balloon rises. This can not go up forever though, you just up above the cooler air. It will not escape the gravity of earth. Gravity is not the only force at work here. It is important to keep in mind the interaction of energy and gas are included in the atmosphere. Helium makes a balloon rises because helium is a gas lighter. If it were not for fluctuating temperatures in the atmosphere, which in itself is essentially a dense layer of gases on the bottom and the lighter above. Since the atmosphere is continually experiencing mixed cooling goes to us.

So it turns out that the Anti Gravity is a much simpler concept than previously thought. It turned out that most of us have either experienced or anti-gravity anti gravity caused daily. What some scientists hope to achieve will never be achieved. No machine will ever created, able to maintain a constant AG is someone taking care of your fuel source is constantly replenished. I can not say that there may not be a way to synthetically engineer a material that would allow us to achieve the anti-gravity based on the simple nature of the synthetic material. It is also a fact that in order to indefinitely AG we will have to engineer it.

Update: I hope you had fun reading the above article, however, it is important to recognize when their hypothesis may not be accurate. As much as I enjoyed the idea of ​​the electric field (part of the electromagnetic force), who is responsible for the existence of gravity, it can not be true. I came to this understanding when he considered the fact that neutron stars have gravity, and are almost completely neutral particles. No electrical power means there is no gravity, and this is simply not true. Unless somehow free electrons and protons can sense the proton and the electron is a neutron, but I do not see how you can work hypothesis. Since then began work on a new hypothesis which will be followed by a book I am currently writing. I get an article describes a new hypothesis for ezine shortly after gravity.

Source by Dennis Huff

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