Michael Jordan is not only the best basketball player, he is also regarded as an American icon in different ways. Jordan was one of the leading figures of basketball during the mid '80s until the & # 39; at the end of 90-ies and remained one of the most prominent sports figures now. But the road was his "Airness" has never been easy.

it has all experienced disappointment and rejection, Michael Jordan was no different. Jordan tried the high school basketball team, but was rejected because he was considered a short play on the university level. But Jordan did not flinch dreams. He was joined on the junior varsity squad, in which the basketball skills. Eventually he moved to a different level during junior and senior year in high school.

Early life, Jordan has shown tenacity in getting the best basketball player he could be. It was the first lesson that Jordan taught us how to recover from failure and rejection. There are other college and professional games tested determination, but continue to push through until he was able to etch his name athletic history journals.

Jordan is the best basketball player recipes will be really simple and basic lessons in both inside and outside the world of sports.

• responsibility. Jordan took responsibility for his actions, both inside and basketball. It's obvious, it is one of the most popular quotes "Some people just want to do things, others hope it happens, while others that this is happening."

• Taking risks. Jordan is known not only as the best basketball player, but he is also a well-known figure in the various fields. He is also known as an Olympic athlete, an actor and a businessman. Jordan has never excelled in this area, if you do not take the risk, just playing in the comfort zone.

• commitment and dedication. Jordan is an extract of the hard work and practice.

• Enjoy the game. The reason why some people succeed in their chosen craft because they love what they do.

• Humility. Star players or athletes often forget their humble beginnings, and sometimes displayed an air of arrogance.

• Goal setting. Goals motivate both adults and children, it is essential to affordable and achievable goals.

• Seizing the moment. Jordan believed in things that he can do. Opportunities will never postponed, rather grabbed with both hands.

amazing what you thought was important in the life of Jordan glasses just are life skills / lessons tend to forget or underestimate. Michael Jordan was a recipe for success is no secret, but it was a concoction determination, hard work and passion.

Of course, Jordan skills that might never have. We will never be able to get the same speed or in the same vertical leap, but if we do not do something good, or something we love or passion, then certainly the next best thing.

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