Hi Lee Palm / Red Rooster staff (San Diego – California) .. Keep track of the location of the track cool for me – is not it?

Nassau Bahamian Fishing Report (8-10-2000) (Thursday) Air temperature 92 degrees, water temperature – 80 degree degrees). Clear sky, no wind and burning hot day. He caught two Yellowfins in the sixty-magnitude province, which was almost sent to the hospital. He joined the 2 YFY on Thursday – fishing on "WellCraft Scarab", now featured with 225 Evinrude fichts ($ 28,000 install).

Both YFTs went about 70 # s (83 font filet). Drift fished fresh / frozen squid. He started fishing at 9:30 and left at 2 o'clock.

When I arrived at the US Navy's AUTOM buoy 10 miles offshore (a practical area for the US Navy nuclear subs – which appears on the surface sometimes) (AUTEC's buoy is 6,000 feet in water). The "Small Trick" Robbie New (Trinidad) Captain just started to fish.

In the first hour, all I had was a 2 pound jack which was later used by bait

Robbie had no luck but we saw more than 50 YFTs coming out of the water several times, so waiting for us .

At about 11:00 and the 80 # green Berkley trilenine leader with a little ink circle hook to the end (100 # testing to turn Sampo)

I just saw a great YFT fly in the neighborhood minutes before and I he thought he was your cousin – of course. The line was screaming and the fish ran deep. Everything showed to a YFT, but it was approx. After 10 minutes, I saw a 25-foot-tall shark on my line that was in the mouth with the hook hook.

The shark left the rowslide line, sat down with a drink of water – a gallon of plastic jugs in the fridge.

Cut it off, I thought of myself. But then I remember how many YFTs I got as a shark bait and went to see it again. It was 4 feet long. It was usually too big to bother, but fishing was slow and I decided to take it.

Even though I knew he would be crazy when I kissed, I decided to have a 5 foot long fishing rod and watched the tiles sit on the deck as I slipped into Scarab's 2-1 / 2-foot deep fish cabinet. [12] For 12 o'clock I changed the "squid" bait on all three polo shirts. Now the shark was dead, so I pulled it to the tatoo and started cutting it off – chicken waste and shark fever – and lots of water was passed through the saline water pump

. one side of the shark was filed, cut off the skin and cut it into 5 pieces and passed to the side. All the time – blood and bowel blur on board. I cut the giant liver of the shark into tiny pieces and watched them swim on the surface – as I drifted slowly toward the AUTEC Buoy. [5] The shark was set to "scream" within 5 minutes after slaughter. This time I knew it was probably a YFT. The fish of the 80 # test trilene line with a 5-1 / 2-foot Palm Beach tuna bar, which was held in Perko sideways rows.

Immediately mocked the harness and the playground's belly. Several times, YFT stopped the run and quickly twisted the line to make sure it was not loose on the line and smiled when I felt my weight again.

But that was 95 volumes throughout the day and for 8 years YFT fishing (and more than 350 caught and landed) I'm willing to discover something that does not hold this usual day on the water.

After picking the rod in the strap, I began to color the slow process. I was grateful to have picked up the board on the 80 # test line as the other two coils (Shimano graphite of Penn 30W) were 50 # test Trilene (Big Game) lines and YFT had 50 different ball games.

Fifteen minutes before the fight, my thumb (coil) got a terrible cramp and actually clung to my palm. I could not understand why this was happening, but I kept trying to shake the cramp. A few minutes later the convulsions spread to the forearm, then to the biceps. 220 pounds, a former HS All-American floater and 4 old NY states are gold medal, so I've been hard training but I've never been to that.

Even my feet were cramped. There was no wind, my deck was not covered, and the shadow was 95 degrees. It's Just One Thing – "Heat Exhaustion"

I was trying to cool down into a 5 gallon bucket, but it did not help one piece. My legs were too big for the bucket.

In addition, I was unusually tired – FAST. HEAT EXHAUSTION started up and challenged me as "The Old Man and the Sea". [55] It took me 55 minutes to unload this 70 pound YFT, but finally I got the boat.

I usually land the fish to fish, but this time I went to the dry summit, switched on the saltwater pump, sat down on the cool, and let the salt water over her head for 5 minutes. I finished 3/4 of the gallon jug.

When I went back to Capt. Robbie's "Little Trick", the cool air with Toronto Raptor's NBA Jersey (# 14 Vince Carter) I felt much better but I was still 100%

Otherwise, maybe one of those NBAs is worth buying in Jersey, you will know why using the NBA, 1000 older than cooler than any cotton or other material, there is a Laker # 34, my favorite one.

I begged Robbie as I slowly lowered her from the dagger and shouted, "I thought you were fighting 2 YFT, you've gone a long way."

Anyway, I set it up again to try another (YFT). Now I use white trunks on all my hooks, and the fresh shark – like

Approximately 45 minutes later, the strict line ends – Penn 30 International, no leader and 50 # Trilene line – no rotation. did you do this fish for me?

The hook on this line was just a # 4 Mustard live bait hook – that you could buy a $ 10 package below Wal-Mart or K-Mart.

This is a completely new "ball game". On the pull, I have to be "gentle" – or bite the trilene or pull the hook

. As soon as it turned out, this YFT was tinted in an hour. They experienced the same convulsions as before, and at one point – on this halon – I thought I would "resign". Not the fact that I got $ 6 pounds for the thread but the idea of ​​cutting YFT was no question. After destroying the YFT No. 70 and pulling out the gun, Robbie (who stayed for only seven and did not get one)) and waved, saying I would go home.

True story.


Captain. Solo – also known as Tom Azzara
Ship – "Taxpayer"
Nassau, Bahamas
in the Commonwealth of Great Britain
(not part of the "East Coast")

http: // endtaxes .com / images / gallery.html

Take a break and see these pictures at the 6th annual Billabong Nassau Fishing Competition on the sunny, tax-free Bahamas. 19659002] click on (or browse) as below ….


From: Lee Palm Long Range Sportfishers

] TRIP # 14; August 6-August 11 5-Day Tour:

The Red Rooster III summer schedule of the three rear-rear 5 days of the second was once again great fishing for its passengers. Chuck Melber, Agoura CA led the way with a 84.1 lb. bluefin tuna to the jackpot, then a 79.8 lb. big eyes Justin Christensen from Newbury Park CA and a 73 lb. bluebird by Joe Stickles Orange CA. "There was a consistent approach throughout the journey," Captain Andy Cates said. "Some days, of course, seemed more wild than the others, but looking back on the road, I would say that the fishing was pretty good."

The road to Guadalupe Island fished to a high-quality yellow boy, but the albacore bases are closer to the boundaries of the backwaters and the big bluefinch is good. "We have some very exceptional moments," remarked Jeff DeBuys, a co-worker, "but not

is rather astonishing than the second-placed jackpot bigeye that Justin delivers. When we brought that puppy to color, we knew we had good fishing for our guys. It was a huge fish, and finally added the trophy to the Bluefinch. "With this high-quality albacor, everyone gave more to Roostern's long, long-term adventures. [19659002] FISH NUMBER: ALBACORE LIMIT, 52 BLUEFIN TUNA, 49 YELLOW TUNA, 45


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